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Electrostatic Spraying Services & Equipment Sales

Green Leaf Defender Barrier Protection and Plant Protection Systems provide an effective and efficient way to protect plants, soil, and interior surfaces against the intrusion of pests, bacteria, mold, and more.  Once you’ve mixed our enhanced diatomaceous earth with water for easy spray application, all you need is suitable equipment for thorough and speedy application.

Our products are best distributed with the MaxSpray Electrostatic Sprayer, the very same equipment our professional technicians use to apply product.  It’s simple enough for use in the home or a business setting, and it provides both time-saving and cost-effective benefits.

Maxspray offers an extensive line of agricultural sprayers for most grower’s needs with everything from small garden sprayers to large row crop units. The air-assisted electrostatic sprayers produce droplets 900 times smaller than those produced by conventional or hydraulic sprayers. After tiny droplets are atomized, they are then given an electrical charge and carried deep into the plant canopy or target surface in a turbulent airstream. The result provides more than twice the deposition efficiency of traditional hydraulic sprayers and foggers.

The electrostatic charge, though safe, pulls the spray towards the plant or surface up to 75 times greater than the force of gravity. Droplets change direction and move upwards against gravity to coat all of the plant surfaces. The “wrap around” effect also causes the spray to cling to the surface rather than being blown past the target, drifting away or falling to the ground.

Electrostatic sprayers achieve greater spray coverage by combining air turbulence with tiny, evenly sized spray droplets. Testing by four major universities, comparing MaxSpray with conventional and air-blast sprayers, shows 300% better spray penetration and coverage on hidden areas and dense foliage. Better spray coverage equates to lower chemical consumption and faster investment payback. Most growers can reduce chemical costs by 25-50% and still see effective results from their spray program. MaxSpray electrostatic sprayers are the answer for combating some of the worst agricultural problems like thrips, aphids, downy mildew, mealybugs, early blight, late blight, and listeria. The electrostatic spraying combined with less chemicals can also give you excellent results when trying to control unwanted plant environmental threats. Look through our list below and let us know which one is right for you!

The durable, wheeled case with extendable handle ensures ease of use, and the MaxSpray Electrostatic Spray Gun delivers accurate application, so you get product right where you want it, with ample coverage.  Our MaxSpray Electrostatic Sprayer gets the job done right with less product usage, saving you money, and this compact equipment is designed for use in any interior space, from retail locations, to corporate offices, to medical facilities, to public transportation, public areas, and more.

When you use the MaxSpray Electrostatic Sprayer, you’ll enjoy:

  • Compact, Unobtrusive Equipment
  • Standard, 110-Volt Power
  • Self-Contained System (no need for external air supply)
  • 2 One-Liter Bottles for Easy Spot Spraying
  • Compatibility with Most Conventional Chemicals and Fungicides

The MaxSpray Electrostatic Sprayer is an ideal solution for anyone seeking the best way to protect against pests, bacteria, mold, and more.  When paired with Green Leaf Defender’s enhanced diatomaceous earth systems, it provides thorough and lasting coverage that can easily be renewed as needed, as when surfaces are washed or soil and plants are replaced.

It’s an ideal choice for DIYers looking for an easy and effective means of product application.  In addition to improving outcomes with Green Leaf Defender products, this sprayer can be used with other products to achieve the best coverage with the least amount of product.

Application Process

The below video shows a typical application process for our Green Leaf Defender products utilizing Electrostatic Sprayers.

Service Application Opportunity

For pest control companies or service providers looking to grow their businesses in the ever-expanding hemp and marijuana market. We’re looking to position our product as a critical component in maximum yield grows.  If you are looking to help protect the patient/consumer from harmful insecticides and mold inhibitors while helping growers produce maximum yields by creating a barrier between the environment and the grower’s investment, Green Leaf is the perfect product.

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