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Our Vision

Green Leaf Defender started with a simple idea: to create a safe and effective insecticide that could be used in greenhouses, grow facilities, other commercial and industrial settings, public spaces, and even private residences – basically everywhere.  After five years of combined research and testing, we’re proud to deliver an organic product that is safe and easy enough to use in the home, but provides the comprehensive and lasting results businesses need.

We knew we wanted to start with a base of safe and non-toxic diatomaceous earth, but we knew we needed to enhance it.  Diatomaceous earth is a good alternative to chemical pesticides and insecticides, but the application of traditional products is messy and the results varied.  Our patented formula takes diatomaceous earth to the next level with charge enhancement that increases adhesion, killing more insects and absorbing mold spores.  Green Leaf Defender systems are designed to disperse in water for easy spray application.

Our Philosophy

Green Leaf Defender strives to deliver superior products that offer a unique and innovative approach to pest control.  We want our products to be easy to use, to deliver cost-effective solutions, and to ensure outstanding value and lasting results.

We spent two years creating a patented formula and two years testing in a variety of spaces, on a variety of materials, to be certain our products would deliver on the promise of a truly vertical diatomaceous earth compound.  Our liquid-to-powder formula with charged enhancements delivers the thorough coverage and improved contact needed to act as a protective barrier against environmental and biological threats.