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Welcome to Green Leaf Defender

Green Leaf Defender is pleased to offer patented products aimed at helping homes, business, and public interests to eliminate pests, bacteria, and mold, both indoors and on plants. While our products are ideal for greenhouses and grow operations, they’re easy enough to use anywhere, and strong enough to deliver the superior results you expect.

Our Barrier Protection and Plant Protection Systems are 99.9% organic thanks to our enhanced diatomaceous earth formula, which disperses in water to create an effective spray product. The charge enhancement increases adhesion to both surfaces and contaminants, boosting effectiveness over traditional powder products. The same charge that causes the DE to attach to surfaces also causes it to transfer and accumulate on insect surfaces.

While our products can be used with any sprayer, you’ll enjoy greater value when products are paired with the MaxSpray Electrostatic Sprayer, increasing coverage from approximately 800 square feet to 1,600 square feet per pound of product. Both the Barrier Protection System and the Plant Protection System are designed to help prevent and eliminate unwanted pests, bacteria, and mold. The Barrier Protection System is designed for use on walls, floors, ceilings, tables, and other surfaces, and the Plant Protection System qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide act as a minimum risk pesticide and is safe for use on soil, stems, and leaves.

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Green Leaf Defender - Plant Protection

Plant Protection

Whether you’re tending a home garden or managing a greenhouse or grow facility, protecting plants from pests, bacteria, mold, and moisture issues is crucial to raising healthy flora.  Our Plant Protection System defends your plants on every level with specialty products that provide a safe and effective barrier against invasive threats.

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Green Leaf Defender - Barrier Protection

Barrier Protection

There are many environmental and biological threats to your plants and surfaces. You need a safe and effective barrier that will not harbor these threats and allow them to grow, and you’ll find it in our Barrier Protection System.  This product is designed to act as a non-harboring protective barrier and environmental filter that cleans the air due to charge attraction properties.

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MaxSpray Electrostatic Sprayer

Green Leaf Defender Barrier Protection and Plant Protection Systems provide an effective and efficient way to protect plants, soil, and interior surfaces against the intrusion of pests, bacteria, mold, and more.  Once you’ve mixed our enhanced diatomaceous earth with water for easy spray application, all you need is suitable equipment for thorough and speedy application.

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Service Application

Our services include the on-site application of products using our MaxSpray Electrostatic Sprayer for optimal coverage and maximum product value. Our compact, self-contained sprayers can go anywhere, from retail spaces, to medical facilities, to public areas, and we offer both comprehensive coating and spot spraying.

Our products are easy to mix and apply, leaving behind a white powder when dry so you know which areas have been covered. Charge enhancement ensures improved adhesion, covering even vertical surfaces and resulting in a higher kill rate of pests.

Although our products are simple enough to apply on your own, especially with the assistance of our MaxSpray Electrostatic Sprayer, we are pleased to offer you the convenience of professional application services. Our expert technicians are trained to deliver the fast, efficient, and effective coverage you need to protect your home or business from pests, bacteria, mold, and more.

Please visit our Services page to see a short video of a barrier being applied to a grow room prior to plants being introduced.

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    Our Advantage

    When you choose Green Leaf Defender, you’ll enjoy several advantages over the use of traditional diatomaceous earth and chemical products alike.

    Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) is found throughout the world. These deposits are formed with very different qualities. The D.E. found in our formula has significant measurable differences;

    Qualities That Make the Difference

    • Our D.E. formulation contains a greater variety of the fossilized Melosira species and sub-species of freshwater diatoms, with a greater number of pores per diatom. This larger number of pores provides a much greater internal Pore Volume. Pore Volume provides the greater Surface Area. Creating extraordinary absorptive capacity. Note that the pores in each diatom are unobstructed by clays or other debris. Minimum Surface Area @ 69.05 m2/g. Average, as stated by the other D.E. products @ 10 to 30 m2/g. The combination of these factors create an exceptionally large and fully Functional Surface Area. Our D.E. has demonstrated a better ability to absorb the insect's waxy epicuticle and provides a more rapid extraction of the lipids from the insect's body, thus speeding the kill time due to quicker dehydration. "All fossil diatoms are porous, and it is this porosity or specific surface (square meters per gram) that confers them their insecticidal value (Ebeling 1971)".
    • Consistency of purity and particle size (by Air Classification processing) during the production process, allows its application electrostatically, by air or ground application equipment or by Spray Equipment of any type, without bridging, blockage or corrosive wear on nozzles, augers or conveyors.  Field experience shows polishing, rather than abrasion.

    Effective versus a broad range of Insects that infest;

    • Groves and Orchards
    • Vineyards
    • Poultry Production Facilities
    • Livestock, Equine and Dairy, Production Facilities, Housing.  Milking Parlors, Waste Streams and Sludge Ponds.  Companion Animal Facilities.
    • Forests

    Health Issue as determined by crystalline silica content. In the United States, OSHA sets the standard for workplace health and safety requirements. OSHA’s new standard for crystalline silica has established, one tenth of one percent (<0.1%) as the threshold. Above this amount is considered hazardous, with a potential for causing silicosis in the lungs and also now considered a potential carcinogen to other vital organs. The crystalline silica content of DiaSource D.E. has been verified as undetectable at levels even less than 0.1%.

    Note:  In addition to its EPA Registered Pesticide Labels, DiaSource has been granted the only EPA, “Manufacturing Use” label for Diatomaceous Earth.  Allowing its inclusion in Pesticide Formulations for use on “Terrestrial Food/Feed Crops”, and in a wide range of formulated products. The DiaSource EPA Registrations give it the right to sub-register its labels, allowing Private Labeling of Brand name products.

    Eliminates Insects
    Keep your plants safe from pests

    Controls Moisture
    Maintain consistent moisture for your plants

    Mold Inhibitor
    Product has a positive charge that attracts and absorbs mold spores
    Adds Nutrients
    Diatomaceous Earth provides nutrients to your plant and can be used on any soil type
    Eliminates Bacteria
    Reduce or eliminate harmful bacteria
    Easy to Use
    Our products are simple to mix with water and apply

    Our patented formula is safe for use at home, or in large grow operations.